Wheat 美式小麦 | 5.2% ABV | 20 IBU | 内蒙古 🇨🇳 Inner Mongolia

以德式小麦打底,优化干投酒花工艺,酒花 香气非常柔和的畅饮型小麦啤酒。在保证酒 体非常干净的前提下,干投啤酒花是这款酒 的点睛之笔,非常清冽的酒花香气,加上小 麦啤酒特有的回甘,来支撑整体酒的风味。

Using German wheat as the base and optimizing the dry throwing process of hops to become the finishing touch, hops have a clean and soft aroma with- out loosing the cool, and the unique sweetness of wheat supports the overall flavor of the wine.