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Bock – Weizenbock / DDH NE Weizenbock 双倍干投新英格兰小麦博克 | 7.8% ABV | n/a IBU | 德国 🇩🇪 Schleswig-Holstein Germany | Untappd 4.02 ;


上次和朋友的合酿,我们受到了他们的小麦博克双倍IPA的启发! 因此,我们试图将两个啤酒世界的精华结合起来! 经典的小麦博克酒体和现代的双倍干投双倍IPA,用新英格兰和经典德式小麦的酵母菌种发酵……

Ze Germans are back! And its not good Cherry ? eating with them! If you bind them a bear ? on, you will have the Salat ?

Anyways, after our last collaboration with our friends from Brech eh sorry @blech.brut we got inspired by their Weizenbock DIPA ! So we tried to combine the best of both Beer Worlds! A classic Weizenbock Body and a modern Dry Hopped Dipa fermented with A New England and a classic Weizenbier yeast strain ??

More German goes not –
DDH NE Weizenbock 7,8%

Whirlpool: Sabro
Dry Hop: Citra BBC, Triumph, HBC431 and Sabro

More German Goes Not - DDH German Weizenbock - Sudden Death Brewing Co.