Pale Ale 淡色艾尔 | 4% ABV | n/a IBU | 贵阳 🇨🇳 Guiyang;


This beer is a “flavored” Momordica grosvenori – pale ale, with a clear dark brown color, and its sweet taste is the distinctive feature of this beer, which comes from the extremely high content of fructose and glucose in Momordica grosvenorii. Then, a slight herbal flavor will gradually appear, accompanied by the backflow of malt aroma. When the liquid in the mouth slides down the throat into the stomach, the feeling to the taster is the most exciting, and this mint-like cool feeling makes people begin aftertaste. Maybe we should use “alcohol version of cough water” to describe the feeling, which is not accurate, but can feel it as soon as possible.